The Amazing Model: TaaS Close End Fund

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Taas is a collective investment where token is reserved for growth. The channeling back of a given portion of funds for reinvestment boosts growth of the token. The tokenized system is a designed model to curb insecurity and technical barriers. 

Please keep scrolling down and discover the mystery behind TaaS and how it works. 

Today am not ready to beat around the bush. If you are reading this article right now, allow me expose the TaaS {Token-as-a-service}; a transparent business model designed by the Bitcoin group targeting investors of block chain space. 

TaaS-a tokenized close end fund invented to minimize challenges transparency vs technical obstacles in investing in block chain space! 

What is the blockchain?

A transparent and verifiable investment technical model. The collective distributions of database via a transparent system shared by the business partners regulate and verify the recorded information which is articulated within the database. 

Why TaaS?

The new business model is designed and promoted towards many reasons to achieve a certain targeted business spot. The tokenized model is generated to iron the technical barriers vs transparency. 

Taas creates more security for business investments and transaction within the technical system. The system of bitcoin is still a stub system with numerous loopholes hence the creation of this model protects us from exposure to insecurity. 

Profitable Reasons for Creation of Taas Model?

• Inactive regulated market; the bitcoin market is gradually reaching out to every corner of the globe hence the market regulation of the bitcoin mining is gradual in nature. 
• Inadequate investments tools; mining of the bitcoin is generated by online tools designed within a business structure merged with parental tools of business model. 
• Technical huddles; a growing system with booming investments attraction is prone to technical errors since it is still slowly developing. 
• Absence of the market knowledge; the bitcoin investors and associates slowly absorbs the market knowledge of the bitcoin investment. 

How does TaaS works?

• 25% channeled back to investment; the close end fund model operates within a business structure where 25% of the returns are reinvested back to the black chain space for growth of token. 
• Limited to Block chain market; the close end fund is modified and verified with only block chain markets where transparency is highly valued within partnership. 
• 50% quarterly profit sharing; to the shareholders, they are awarded the quarterly profit distribution of 50% as return out of the block chain investment. 
• Reserved fund; around 10% to 30% of portfolio is hedged in bitcoin since the close end fund is a model where shares are limited to internal market. 
• Trusted Transactions; the platforms of trusted transactions are promoted and limited to specific niches such as Bittrex, Kraken, or Poloniex. 

Final remarks

To cut the long story short, let me summarize it up by saying that, TaaS is launched with an eye to watch over technical huddles vs transparency. The close end fund is targeting the block chain market where trusted members transact and share profit via transparent and verifiable system since, the collective distribution of database is open to all partners.