EncryptoTel, Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communications infrastructure

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On 24th April 2017, EncryptoTel will start it's ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Their first target of $100,000 will go towards creating a fully-functional cloud PBX with reliable encryption which is not only stable but also offers greater accessibility across the planet. The expert team at EncryptoTel are familiar with existing products in the market and their extensive research has identified the gaps in the market as well as customer feedback has highlighted problems in the current systems.


What is EncryptoTel Proposing?

The strength of EncryptoTel lies in their cutting-edge solutions namely in encryption through proven, open algorithms and the use of blockchain technology.

They currently implemented a Beta Version which is downloadable from their website and it features a traffic encryption based on SIP/TLS technologies. This basically allows for connections to be made by client-server applications but avoid unauthorized access and evade audio interception. This connection is to be made available to everyone, not just corporations.


They are currently work going on to develop their own secure connection which includes two network contours, several types of servers and the future plans is to develop their own security protocols.

EncryptoTel Innovation


In the coming months, EncryptoTel aim to enter the Global PBX Market. The EncryptoTel token (ETT) will be the native currency for the company. There will be plans to introduce he possibility of using other cryptocurrencies in the future.


The team at EncryptoTel believe that privacy is the basic right of individuals and as such the power to communicate freely without fear of being interception is what they want to provide to their users. Regardless of the fact that the threat is from malicious individuals or state-backed or corporate espionage, privacy should be made available. Therefore, Encrypto Tel's vision is to realize an open, reliable and above all secure means of communication regardless of where the user is located.


EncryptoTel aims to provide a Virtual PBX service where they will be able to sell phone numbers for users anywhere in the world. What will set EncryptoTel apart is that they are currently the only PBX company which will accept cryptocurrency payments.



Some of the services to be offered will include:

  • Call redirection

Ability to redirect an incoming call to another phone number. 


The user can redirect calls to multiple local numbers or a local number based on who is calling and when.

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)

An additional layer of protection will be offered for services such as crypto-wallets and exchanges.


In addition to username-password login, users will receive a call, text message or other authentication details before access is granted just as how some major global brands have adapted this protection currently.

  • Hide a phone number

Phone numbers used will be masked when outgoing calls are made.

Example: Conduct communication without revealing your direct subscriber's number which is in line with the vision of the company of secure communication.

  • Free communication

Every subscriber will receive a free number (internal) for the network.

Looks like exciting times are ahead for EncryptoTel and only time will tell if they can blast off and change the landscape of cloud PBX.