Minex - a new era of payments

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Minexcoin (MNC) is a low volatile crypto currency payment system that is part of Minex ecosystem. Due to its stable exchange rate, the coin is a reliable means of exchange. The fact that its growth can be controlled makes it attractive choice of storage because its value increases every time Controlled by a central-bank like algorithm, the coin's volatility and price growth can be maintained. The exchange rate margin builds the coin instead of damaging it This has made the traders earn from it big time. 

Minex platform allows simple and safe infrastructure to operate online payments and digital asset exchange. It also offers an investment platform. 

Attractive Features of the MNC

Unlike other crypto-currencies, Minexcoin is a stable low volatile currency with a controlled annual growth. As per 2016 it has grown up to33.6% and it is not coming down for its value is controlled. It will be ever increasing. So, if you want to trade with it, carry out you daily financial activities or commit to a long term investment, you will always be gaining value. 

Should they accept it as a means of payment, it will be an alternate coin that will never depreciate in value. 

Since it is a stable currency, not only will everyone enjoy its profits but also those who are willing to use it for long and short term investments. This is specifically so because Minex coin has controlled annual growth that is always gaining value. 

The entire algorithm governing Minexcoin is like that of central bank. it makes it stable and be of low volatile value. 

How It Works

You should note that Minexcoin is the product of Minex bank that is responsible for its control. Therefore, the bank ensures low volatility of the currency through parking and interventions. 

Parking is the temporary suspension of certain amounts of coin that you have deposited in your account or wallet as it is known. When that is done, you are able to receive interest whose rates change according to the chosen parking period supported by the current supply and demand curve. This functions as an incentive to the investors because the more they park the more the interests is to them. 

An intervention on the other hand, is when Minex bank decides to conduct buying and selling in order to remove market pressure. It completely uses its own reserve to do this and not the traders investment on the currency. 

The Future Of Minexcoin

Developers of the Minexcoin concept (economists), speculate that there will be a major drive to make the coin be in constant demand when certain functionalities are added to it This will create an ecosystem that will grow and feed Minexcoin forever. Such functionalities are applications like: 

Minex market: 
- where buyers and sellers of the coin meet. 

Minex exchange: 
- where traders will be able to earn through currency exchange program. 

Minex platform: 
- where all the asset nature of Minex coin will be explored to gain its maximum potential. 

Basically, the evolution of Minex coin will be as follows: 
Subscription IC0 - Minexcoin - Minex bank - Minex platform - Minex exchange - Minex market. 

Want To Be Part Of This Exciting Adventure?

Then, be part of the performing team by joining the second round of ICO where only 150000 MNC will be sold after which the market price for Minex coin will be determined before its entry into the exchange. Follow their link, sign up and participate. You may be the lucky one to be rewarded.