BitCAD - Encrypted Smart Platform

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In this period where there is great competition in businesses, a business can thrive when it keys into a modern innovative technology, meet BitCAD. The BitCAD encrypted smart platform has emerged to be one of the most trusted platforms that companies adopt to grow effectively and sell more. To meet up with the standard and requirement of customers, businesses must be fully equipped by relying completely on companies such as BitCAD that has already prepared the solution needed for the development and maintenance of their businesses. 

BitCAD has introduced Tectum, which is a decentralized trade engine that uses API to integrate a Banking system, Insurance, CRM system, trade platform and exchanges, government, taxation, DN and custom applications. They are highly effective and efficient in offering the right solution to various business needs and they operate through a secure Blockchain technology. In opposition to the centralized currency and financial system, BitCAD provides a decentralized cryptocurrency that is a digital asset which works as a medium of exchange during financial transactions. In the business world, we all are involved in one transaction or the other and cryptocurrency have come to make payment of goods and services easy, fast and secure. All you need to make your business transaction prosper is to use the cryptocurrency services of BitCAD which are safe and secure while doing a financial transaction. 


The whitepaper contains everything you need to know about BitCAD together with the new cryptocurrency. Since a cryptocurrency does the function of an alternative currency or digital currency but in a more unique and advanced way. Most of the challenges that they have been experiencing making an exchange for financial transactions through local currency and the digital currency has been resolved by the initial of the BitCAD Cryptocurrency System. Cryptocurrency's were introduced to supersede the centralize banking system together as a decentralized electronic money. 

The decentralized cryptocurrency is safe through the BitCAD secured Blockchain transaction database. They offer various multicurrency's and digital assets including cryptocurrency, classic currency, and digital assets making it fully equipped for new businesses. You have the options to choose the kind of currency that will go well with your business need or customers need. One thing about cryptocurrency is that the government or financial body would not be able to interfere with the creation of a new currency or it's value. So many countries in the world are beginning to adopt the cryptocurrency system which has started to replace the local and digital currency gradually out of the financial and economic system. 


1. BitCAD have multiple currencies
2. BitCAD are specialized in implementing new technology to make your business grow and sell more. 
3. The company has put everything in place to be the solution for businesses. 


1. There are no specific cons yet. 


The reason why company should use BitCAD secure services to handle all aspects of their business is that BitCAD is specialized in making businesses a better and productive place for both buyers and sellers. They have all that it take to transform growing business into a skyrocket business. BitCAD can successfully transformed many small and growing businesses into mega businesses through their unified operating system for design, management and business analysis on a secured Blockchain network. The technology is based on an automated accounting system, online banking integrated with a wallet and CRM system integrated with a business automation system. Now, you can see that BitCAD have what it takes; for the transformation and success of your business. 



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