Talented artist? Your 'Voise" might be helpful

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Everybody wants to make money these days and since there is a very narrow scope in the music industry "voise" could help the struggling artists to find a way to taste success. It is a new platform with a new fancy and a unique design and user-friendly interface which is easily enjoyed by everyone without much skill required. Since cryptocurrency is a new trend not much of the audience is aware of it. ln nutshell a cryptocurrency could be defined as a digital currency in which exchange takes place through generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, which operate totally independent of any central bank. 

Now to help the independent artists "voise" is a platform for downloading, streaming and purchasing music through tokes known as voisiums. But since cryptocurrency is a new currency many people don't know about it yet. Not a problem! At initial stages fiat currencies would be accepted and then the user would be made clear about the token currency which in this case will be "voisiums". Voisiums are the currency that is used to buy content on "voise" and it is based on Ethereum's smart contract technology. The user can store tokens on a personal desktop wallet or on the Voise platform. However, the price of the music should be set by the artist but it is advisable that it is kept 1 VSM. VSM's can be traded for any cryptocurrency transferred to any friend like the conventional currency. While the platform offers unique ways for monetizing the content and it will be available soon. It is a very ethical business and distributes it's users their entire 100% revenue. Sounds quite ethical isn't it! 

The detailed journey throughout

The journey towards a successful musician requires a lot of hard work, patience and of course money. At least you can be certain that money more or less would not be an issue for your music career anymore. There are many stages throughout your life as artist on the "Voise" platform. 


The beginning of the voice platform, which is aimed at cryptocurrency's; to enable the user to create music, downloads and a stream platform.

The ICO 
This step is concerned with the exchange processes. In these two processes clients are created on the basis of how popular the artist is. 


This is the phase where methods to encourage cryptocurrency are employed; for example users are encouraged to use cryptocurrency's while payment could also be made in their country's fiat currency. Also concerts are organized for the most famous artists for the people to enjoy. 


This is the phase where the artists are guaranteed a bright future, as artists are introduced to many journalists, developers, investors etc. It could provide a boost to the careers of many talents who are aspiring for a bright future in the music industry. 


This is quite a unique method to help a young talented artists and VOISE promises a bright future since it's also a cryptocurrency. Which is a very new topic so it's very safe means of exchange as it's value remains the same in every country, which means the problem of centralized banks are solved. 




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