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Count yourself lucky if you are reading it right now. Lunyr is a platform which is gradually promoted with an octane team of experts - for next generation decentralized applications with artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality. 

Lunyr is an open source base of information which is blockchain based. 

Lunyr is a future oriented API; an open source platform for application developers is based on capturing authentic information of the reality world by offering LUN- to attract peer reviewing and pure information contribution on this platform by users. 

What is LUN?

LUN is also known as Lunyr tokens. This is a very astounding concept for the anonymous. The LUN concept articulates around a business model where Lunyr tokens are granted applicable mandate for ads. 

The Lunyr tokens are aimed to be endorsed to the users of this platform as their rewards for their honest review and information contribution to enable Lunyr attracts more traffic. 

Lunyr Business Structure

A cleverly designed business program blockchain based. The open source computing system is Ethereum oriented to crowdsource genuine information of reality world to develop its API {app program interface} to create artificial intelligence, argumented reality and virtual reality. 

The decentralized crowdsourced information works on next generation decentralized applications. The creation of decentralized applications need reality world information hence Lunyr has designed a model to attract reality global on this information. 

The platform target ads business. The set protocols' of the platform is to attract high rise visiting audience like for example the Wiki platform so as to generate revenue from the ads since ads are purchased by using LUN{Lunyr tokens}. 

LUN follows ERC20 token standard! 

Lunyr Long Term Vision

Augmented Reality: a knowledge bank platform where all your curiosities are answered by just a tap of the knowledge base. The Lunyr platform API is developed with a decentralized distribution of Ethereum based crowdsourced information which generates augmented reality. 

Virtual Reality; visceral vs. intimate is an experience generated and articulated by the decentralized applications based on factual information base. The Lunyr API is decentralized to design and paint the picture in your head anytime a user source a given virtual reality. Artificial intelligence; an art of designing a platform where the applications program interface are decentralized in nature with a global reality crowdsource information. Lunyr model is geared in the same league of amazon where reality, accurate and facts are gathered and reviewed so as to feed the users with meaningful information. 

Lunyr Team

The Lunyr platform is created and supported by a solid team of common interest. The team is composed by a chain of different expertise ranging from technical administrators, successful advisors and serial investors working down and up to ensure growth and development of Lunyr prosper. 

Final remarks

Let us cut to the chase and summarize it up by saying, Lunyr platform is a factual information bank targeting marketing audience. The API is decentralized with decentralized distribution of deeply crowdsourced and reviewed information to attract purchase of ads by using LUN. 

However, by rewarding LUN for your reviews and information contribution, is aimed at creating next generation decentralized applications. The long term vision is manifested in achieving virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. 

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