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TaaS presents an innovative plan of action which allows financial specialists to gain promising revenue, by the rise of digital blockchain markets without managing the obstacles and potential dangers related with owning and exchanging of cryptocurrencies and tokens. TaaS uses the sound technology of Ethereum blockchain and innovation of cryptographic audit towards its financial specialists. Contrary to conventional methods which subsidize issues over specific number of shares, which are not redeemable from the reserve, TaaS issues tokens based on a benefit sharing brilliant contract. 

Taas will offer investors an innovative business model, which takes blockchain technology to a whole new level. By using Ethereum Smart Contracts TaaS with tokens that can be redeemable, TaaS is offering speculators a whole new kind of investment strategy. 

Cryptographic audit

Cryptographic audit (CA) is a composition of check and balance tools which let any public individual to effortlessly monitor and approve exchanging history of transactions and portfolio equalizations. Among different arrangements, it incorporates regular blockchain Snapshots. Proof of reserves and resources, and a complete log of API keys. Cryptographic Audit is worked to set high security targets for cash stream in blockchain ventures. TaaS considers it to be a huge turning point in fates of methodical approaches of future ICOs

Cryptographic audit is a complex software monitors trading activity and hashes data onto the block chain. This makes it possible for anyone to validate TaaS trading history, much similar to a peer to peer blockchain which offers a decentralized public ledger. TaaS takes the responsibility of providing authentic reserves and genuine non-exchange accounts. Specific transactions will determine the proof of ownerships. API's (Application Program Interfaces) will allow anyone to verify the history of trade and commerce, much like a Bitcoin public ledger. Since data in large quantities is already being transferred in cryptocurrency, this is not a security risk and quite a brilliant strategy by TaaS to provide a complete list of API keys and aggregate account information of dealings. 

Built by a team of dedicated software experts and visionary entrepreneurs, TaaS invites potential investors to join them and become a part of global financial revolution. 


In addition to that, TaaS is also building Kepler. It is described as the first-ever Bloomberg-like cryptocurrency portfolio administration and analytics platform that desires to cover the "entire spectrum" of the contribution process. 

Kepler will provide the market research, due alertness and order management. It will also provide risk exposure and work forecasting. Also, some might view this as an aggressive project for the fresh startup. As of now, a Kepler beta test issue is contracted and envisaged for later this year Q3 of 2017. What makes Kepler unique is that it's the first innovation of it's kind, making it unique, trendsetting and ground breaking. A feature investors will clearly like and according to me attract many more investors 


The Executive Team

TaaS is managed by innovators, blockchain lovers and professionals. Software engineers, data analyst and the money managers complete the Executive Team of TaaS. 




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