Technical review of TaaS

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Gone are the days when investors searched the web and newspaper for trustworthy clients. Welcome to 21st century where money makes the mare go and there's little time to waste on fraudulent scammers. 

Presenting TaaS: A service which issues tokens based on a benefit sharing brilliant contract. TaaS presents an inventive plan of action which allows financial specialists to gain promising revenue, by the rise of digital blockchain markets without worrying about potential dangers related with owning and exchanging of cryptocurrencies. By using the sound technology of Ethereum blockchain and cryptographic audit toward it's financial specialists, TaaS promises to be a service the investors were in dire need of. 

Fifty percent of quarterly benefits are gained by token holders. 25% of benefits will be reinvested again into the store to develop the capitol pool. This permits the Net Asset Value (NAV) of a token, to increment after some time, making TaaS the principal blockchain token to expressly fix towards the execution of a parent. Dispensing with section boundaries and permitting financial specialists to securely subscribe to the reserve's wage stream, TaaS presents a "Token-as-a-Service" (TaaS) plan of action. 

TaaS formulates an in-house strategy of Cryptographic Audit (CA) -an innovation which offers a direct path for using resources into non-Ethereum tokens.CA is a composition of check and balance tools which let any public individual to effortlessly monitor and approve exchanging history of transactions and portfolio equalizations. Among different arrangements, it incorporates regular blockchain Snapshots, Proof of reserves and resources, and a complete log of API keys. Cryptographic Audit is worked to set high security targets for cash stream in blockchain ventures. TaaS considers it to be a huge turning point in fates of methodical approaches of future ICO's. 

The key strength of TaaS lies in the public power of validating TaaS trading history, much similar to a peer to peer blockchain which offers a decentralized public ledger. In this case, service is being provided by a Cryptographic audit is a complex software which monitors trading activity and hashes data onto the block chain. TaaS takes the responsibility of providing authentic reserves and genuine non-exchange accounts. Specific transactions will determine the proof of ownerships. Since data in large quantities is already being transferred in cryptocurrency, this is not a security risk and quite a brilliant strategy by TaaS to provide a complete list of API keys and aggregate account information of dealings. In addition to that, daily snapshots would be taken to honor the permanent smart contract. This is done as a proof to the statement that no-one mismanages the data in between the dealings. 

Technical review of TaaS

Initial coin offerings to interested parties will take place in March 2017 while beta version of Kepler is to be released in December 2017. Kepler will be surrounding the entire horizon of digital trade i.e. from keeping investments, towards successful management of orders and finally to outputs of probability analysis. 

Built by a team of dedicated software experts and visionary entrepreneurs, TaaS invites potential investors to join them and become a part of global financial revolution. 

While it may be early to say anything about the upcoming venture, the idea is certainly unique and looks promising. If the kind eye of potential investors falls upon this entrepreneurial gym, this may turn into a multi-million dollar global business. 

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