Exscudo - The gateway between traditional and crypto currency markets

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Exscudo acts as a gateway between the new crypto currency market and the traditional financial system.They are focused to create a single gateway for the new users entering into the crypto currency market. It also focuses on investors, traders and various financial institutions. 

The Exscudo system has different products and services in their cart. Multiple payment options are given by them, which include Exscudo Exchange, Exscudo Wallet, debit cards, a merchant platform and a lot more. The user can choose his preferred payment method with the dynamic discounting engine. All it takes is the click of a button. 

The Exscudo wallet allows the user to pay hundreds of recipients automatically. The money remains protected from high fluctuations of crypto currencies as the coins get converted into local currencies and vice versa. 

The debit cards allow the customer to pay directly from their bank account. They can check payment options which are secure, quick and easy to use. The user gets connected to the largest digital payment network from any computer or mobile device. 

A systematic payment gateway helps the user to accept all common coins on the website which further minimize development and management cost. They create better alignment with the customer's business. Manual efforts get reduced along with cost of capital. 

To exchange crypto currency for profit requires up-to-date and accurate information. The real time charts and analytical tools provided by Exscudo helps the user to navigate the market and make the most informative decisions when trading. 

The products offered by Exscudo has their own monetization model. The Exscudo system charges regular commission on regular currency exchange at a specific market price and premium accounts are also offered. 

They aim to improve the overall crypto currency user experience. The platform offered by Exscudo gathers popular crypto currency services and different products at a single stage which allows the users to gain access to multiple features at the same time. 

The Exscudo Blockchain is used to provide interaction between the exchange and it's partner. Here we have listed some of the advantages of the Exscudo Blockchain:
  • The exchange that takes place between two parties is not intermediated by a third party which reduces counterparty risk.
  • The blockchain data is consistently and accurately available all around the world at any time and it allows the user to control their information and transactions.
  • Changes done in a Blockchain network are publicly viewed by all other parties which creates transparency and the best thing is that those changes cannot be deleted or altered.
  • Blockchain transaction reduce transaction time to minutes and are processed every time.
  • As the third party intermediaries get eliminated the overhead cost for exchanging assets reduces which reduces the transaction fees.
  • Higher return on investment (ROI) is provided on each investment spent, then any other traditional internal investments used.
  • The Blockchain network is decentralized. It does not have any central point of failure so it becomes quite easy to withstand malicious attacks.
  • All the transactions that takes place are added to a single public ledger which reduces the clutter and complications of multiple ledger.


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