TaaS Cryptographic Audit

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TaaS or "Token as a Service" is the first ever tokenized closed-end fund (CEF) that enables its investors to profit from the rise of blockchain businesses.
TaaS was designed to conquer the chances and technical difficulties of investing in the blockchain markets. It was built on a smart contract of profit-sharing relationship; TaaS introduces an innovative Token-as-a-Service business design, enabling investors to subscribe to the income stream of the fund.

In addition to that, TaaS also developed an innovative Cryptographic Audit technology in order to become the first and truly transparent fund committed to crypto currencies as well as tokens.
With the use and employing of the Ethereum blockchain as well as TaaS' very own Cryptographic Audit technology, the firm was co-founded by the well-known Blockchain protagonists namely Konstantin Pysarenko, Dmytro Chupryna, Ruslan Gavrilyuk, and Maksym Muratov.

They are all together working as a team along with other representatives from different places of the world. They have people from the United States of America, China, South Africa Poland, and Ukraine. TaaS have offices in Kiev as well as in San Francisco, which intend to offer a different way to participate in and profit from capital fund management, rising, and crypto currency investing. The use of the ICO funds accumulated will be audited and reviewed by no channel of independent accounting companies and business advisors.

TaaS Cryptographic Audit
The Cryptographic Audit (CA) of TaaS is a set of independent auditing techniques that traces, records and timestamps buying and selling activity. This system of technology was built originally by TaaS to make sure that all profits are properly viewed and recorded, the money movement is transparent, and the business is in possession of all certified funds from investors. It is also said that CA enables any member of the firm to validate all trading history as well as portfolio history.

The TaaS CA founders said that the design is intended to simplify due diligence of investors and provide accessories for maximum transparency. In order to achieve the CA, a certain number of processes will be launched, and those are the following list.

Proof of Reserves
The choice will be given to working exchanges that will show implemented Proof of Solvency; cold storehouse reserves are prepared to be audited such with Kraken and Poloniex.

Accounts on Auditable Exchange
be provided is where each account is used for negotiating on exchanges that will have an API key that is view-only and permits everyone to check as well as verify the trade history of the account and balance.

Proof of Reserves for all the Non-Exchange Accounts
A cold storage that will be used for the funds of the firm is an example of a non-exchange account. According to TaaS, a proof of ownership should be provided here.

Fiat Accounts' Proof of Reserves
Using the TLSNotary or any similar solution is necessary in order to produce a cryptographic proof of command currency in the bank or in exchange accounts.

Regular Blockchain Snapshots
To achieve having a proof that no one overlooks data between the audits, a unique smart contract will be formed to retain the daily blockchain snapshots of audit data.

More information on http://www.taas.fund to retain the daily blockchain snapshots of audit data.