Aeternity - Scalable smart contracts interfacing with real world data

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Aeternity has designed a decentralized, purely functional and trustless oracle machine. The Blockchain designed by Aeternity are scalable worldwide with smart contracts interfacing with the genuine world. This innovation is geared up to deliver unparalleled competence with apparent ascendancy. 

The innovation of Aeternity Blockchain is the core result of prevailing non-scalable, safety infringing and expensive methods to access the real world data provided by existing smart contract platforms. 

The Aeternity Blockchain consists of accounts, tokens, names and the structure of blocks. The Blockchain consensus mechanism creates an efficient oracle mechanism and to govern the system by using the state channels and smart contracts. The key concepts already have proof-of-concept implementations in Erlang. This includes the Blockchain itself, the contract language and VM, the oracle and governance mechanisms, as well as an old version of the consensus mechanism. 

Aeternity technology is free to use and easy to incorporate. The Aeternity smart contracts make it easy to build applications on Aeternity's Blockchain, which is, in particular apt for high capacity users. 

Innovation brought by Aeternity :


Hello loT, loV, FinTech, Video Gaming, The Unbanked, Trustless Exchanges, and instant Micropayments are prime features revealed by Aeternity. 

Having a secured mode of carrying out business transactions is the need of the hour. Aeternity has worked around this critical need to deliver safe and secured method while acting as a self-arbitrating crypto court in the event of any discrepancy. 

Every piece of data has unparalleled importance to each business and its security is the most crucial element in any given industry. The state of the art cryptographic data structures and decentralized setup offer efficiency and eradicate any threat of data crash or failure. 

Aeternity facilitates innovative techniques of monetization while being on the lower side of costs on the transactions. 

Aeternity provides the excellent opportunity to grab AE tokens by contributing using ether, bitcoin and/or fiat currency. The contribution methods have been presented on

In the series of the superior work done till now, Aeternity has linked itself to serve the society via technology. Aeternity is coming up with several support foundations to nurture open-source developers, entrepreneurs and young businesses which can build their projects upon Aeternity. Aeternity also endeavours to provide developer workshops and tutorials to make the technology easily accessible. Continuously focusing on research and innovating the newest technological standards, Aeternity is planning to expand their cooperation with international research institutions to keep the technology safe and up to date. 

The web is the most popular application platform. Aeternity is set to provide easy-to-use web development tools, such as JS-libraries and JSON-APIs for the core features of the Aeternity Blockchain. 

Aeternity will soon be delivering essential open-source .pps with the launch of the platform. In order to be easily re-used for private Blockchain consortium and other use-cases, the software will be written in MIT-licensed modules, such as a consensus module, that can be adapted to specific needs. With this innovative technology, the world gets a global oracle machine that can be used to provide decision-making services at global scale.