What is Bitshares?

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BitShares is a cryptocurrency and blockchain smart contracts platform. Currently, it has been ranked at eighth position among the markets cap altcoins, worth $23billion at the writing time. The currency was founded by Daniel Larimer in 2013. It has a three second block time, which is said to be as fast as a transmission done from the farthest side of the planet and still makes it to the current block. 

The currency features some new major aspects that makes it stand out among other altcoins: 1. More decentralized mode of exchange built into its wallet client;
2. Human readable addresses;
3. Ability to be issued as personalized cypto-assets to other holders of wallets;
4. A spectacular governance model with user voting;
5. Ability to be denominated in gold, silver, oil and other commodities or currencies;
6. The account can never be frozen or the funds freezed. 

BitShares is powered by Bitshares, which is an open source technology. It allow the wallet holder to trade crypto equities or bitassets. The altcoin currency offers a bank account where funds can be transferred instantly from any part of the world with more efficiency and privacy than any bank. BitShares serves as a form of exchange where currencies and stock derivatives can be traded including options and shorts. 

How is Bitshares different

1. Bitcoin is the oldest running cryptocurrency with a relatively larger market cap as compared to other altcoins. Being the first featured altcoin, it has is the most tested and proved to be safest against technical hacking. It also features the largest power of processing which means that majority of attacks that are aimed at it are not feasible at all. Many innovations have happened to this altcoin making it easier and safer. 

2. Due to the effect of the network, BitShares has a very powerful hashing power supporting it, as well as the largest share of investments. It is the most watched cryptocurrency and therefore the most vetted. Another advantage that makes Bitcoins stand out is the fact that they are accepted by merchants all over the world. All this add to the network's credibility and the currency's power to stay. 

3. Other altcoins are doing a lot of innovations but Bitcoins remains the most trusted and the focal central point of innovation. 

4. Technically from an investment point of view, Bitshares have a lot in common with ethereum and dash, more than what these two altcoins have in common with other smaller altcoins. Some of the most actively trading altcoins in the market today have valuations of as low as a thousand dollars, with a daily volume of tens of dollars, whereas, bitcoin's valuations are measured in billions. 

5. Most of the coin trading markets use Bitcoins to purchase other altcoins such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin etc. Any trader intending to purchase other altcoins must have sufficient Bitcoins in their wallet. There are also Visa and MasterCards that transform bitcoins into fiat money. This feature is not available in any other altcoin. 

BitShares are the best investment choice since it is the oldest altcoin in operation and because every other altcoin's value is based on Bitcoins value.