Augmentors Game

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The world of augmented reality continues to surprise with the recent developments as a result of technology advancement. Augmented reality can now be used for designing, making presentations among other functions but gaming is quickly emerging as its most popular function. Pokemon Go, the game that has created a craze in the past months is an excellent example of augmentor reality. Augmentors is a brand new and revolutionary 3D modeled virtual reality game backed by the bitcoin blockchain and consists of characters known as Augmentors. The game is still in the early development stages but continues to show signs of being groundbreaking with endorsements from industry stakeholders. 

How to Play

First, the user has to download Augmentors game for free on their device. At the start, the user then selection of free 'creatures' to choose. A tap of the screen will summon your creature and select a creature against which the user will battle against. Users can then customize their creatures to their liking by for example training or swapping. 

Augmentors ICO

The developers of this project came up with a 30-day ICO to complete the development of the game. The month-long ICO will end on the 28th February 2017. During this period, there will be a one-time opportunity for users to purchase some rare creatures in the game. All creatures in the game will have Counterparty Token ID and the number of creatures to be issued is fixed. In addition to a creature's uniqueness, there are other items referred to as relics which will act as boosters to the creatures. The relics can be purchased, attained at a milestone or as rewards for completing missions in the game. 


Databits is the currency that will be used in the game to purchase creatures and relics. There are about 70 million databits that will be up for sale. The rate of change starts at 1Bitcoin = 15000 databits (DTB). The databits can, however, be purchased at lower denominations. The rate of exchange is also set to gradually rise finishing at the rate of 1 Bitcoin = 10000 databits on the last days of the ICO. 

Trade and Sell

As intimated earlier, each creature will have a token ID which indicates its value. This will enable users to buy and sell creatures on the application or the online creature store. The buy and sell transactions will require an individual to have a counterparty wallet and have databits in the wallet. Swapbots, which are like automated vending machines will send a creature once the amount a user sends is sufficient. 

The Augmentors ICO has already started and there still a good amount of time for those interested to participate. Augmentors ICO targets 1 million dollars and even if the target is not reached, the funds will be used in creating the Alpha edition of Augmentors.