Dash - Privacy, Masternodes and Dash Evolution

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Privacy is getting more and more important, which is why I invest in privacy friendly coins like; Dash, Monero and ShadowCash. Today I will learn yo usomething about Dash, formerly known as Darkcoin.
Dash, released in early 2014, is privacy-centric, open-sourced digital currency with instant transactions. DASH, formerly known as DarkCoin (DRK), is an example of an altcoin. An altcoin, on the other hand, is an abbreviation of "Bitcoin alternative" and describes all cryptocurrencies except for Bitcoin. The name change from DRK to DASH was an effort to put emphasis on Dash's relative speed in comparison to Bitcoin, as well as it's low fees. Mixing is not required when sending Dash transactions, unlike the more advanced coins.

With DASH, no ledger is publicly available as there is with other currencies, making it tricky for third parties to calculate your holdings and analyze your transactions. The altcoin can be said to be the most privacy-conscious cryptocurrency available today. Its inbuilt funding and governance system allows projects to be voted and proposed on by the community. The projects are paid for directly from the Blockchain if approved.

DASH lets you privately store your transactions when conducting payments without waits, similar to cash. Also, transaction fees are lower than credit cards banks, often even free. Thanks to InstantX, the other party receives payments immediately and the cryptocurrency adopts a network that is decentralized, so you do not have to put trust in a third party. Anonymity remains Dash's main value proposition which is accomplished through a modified version of CoinJoin called PrivateSend. PrivateSend is comparable to the CoinJoin feature in that it has been built into some Bitcoin wallets. DASH is currently ranking at 7th place while trading at $17.13 with a market cap of $122,754,620.

Dash Evolution
Dash Evolution is a type of cryptographic currency platform with various features which are advanced that help in the creation of a technology that is decentralized. Dash introduces a network design that is tiered and allows users to perform various tasks on the network, along with API access that is decentralized. The platform is merchant friendly in that you can direct transactions to your mobile app or site in minutes. Also, build relationships which are direct with your clientele by incorporating the blockchain and forget about 3rd party reliance to work with customer payments. Furthermore, users can shop online and pay friends just as they do with Google Wallet and PayPal without losing control of their money. No additional software is needed, and the service is 100% free, open source and decentralized. With Evolution, accounts can easily be set up and invoices can be cleared off.