Augmentors – A world of battle

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Playing games is definitely a stress-buster for everyone. Now, we have come out with the new dimension in the gaming world. It will take your love for the game to the next level, which is something new add to your love for the games. We give you an experience of playing into the world of creatures, where you can amazingly own your creature and take to your place to get ready for the next battle ahead. By this augmentors game, we intend to give our players a battle like feel that allow gamers to summons creatures into the amazing world of battle which looks to real. Isn't strange and amazing. You can own your creature and make them fight as per your battle requirement against your enemies and foes. We have around 50 creatures. In the beginning you will have a opportunity to choose one out of 5 augmentors starter to begin your battle just in your way. 

You need to choose a strong player, as once you choose a augmentor, you are ready to start the battle with your creatures around the world. Once you start the game, you need to win upon your opponents to level up your game as much as high. You have to more to make your augmentor strong. This will definitely increase chances to make your creature, the best one. You will get relics in between the battle. Relics are such type of equipments that will boost up the energy of the creature. You can also purchase these equipments from the store or either you have to play a battle to win most of the equipments. When your creature will gain experience they will be able to unlock next round, skin and much equipment too. You will also get an opportunity to play with multiplayer around the globe. So why to wait, just play augmentors and go inside the world of battle with your creature. 

Augmentor, a unique reality mobile game is created by Michael Deon. This is a first ever reality mobile game come into limelight recently. Many investors has been invested in this reality mobile game to has announced recently an ICO of augmentors Data bits crypted tokens started today January 30, 2017. They are willing to award the early investor that participated with 20% extra DTB. Augmentor reaches 250 btc in just 6 hours of the ICO, which is just amazing. Augmentor mobile game has successfully got much from the investors and has already raised fund through the shark tank. Their aim of raising fund through many investors is completion of the game on time. If they don't get million of fund through investor, they will use another fund which they get earlier in the completion of the game. The experts of mobile game augmentor continue with development part using raised fund. 

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