LBRY – A new way to publish and share content online

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People in today's world were looking for a convenient platform in order to publish content and get paid for them. LBRY came out in order to cater that demand. LBRY can simply be defined as a sharing platform, which is based on the blockchain technology. People can easily publish their content on this platform and monetize them through the built in payment system. It combines BitTorrent and Bitcoin services together in order to impress people who are looking forward to share content. 

People can publish all sorts of content, including eBooks, songs and movies on LBRY and share it in a cost effective manner. On the other hand, people who are looking for content can also think of visiting LBRY. LBRY comes along with a user friendly interface and people will never come across any issues when going through its interface. 

As mentioned earlier, LBRY is a combination of Bitcoin and BitTorrent. As a result, people can expect the unique features that they experienced from these two services through LBRY. They include flawed incentive structure, power of blockchain and many more. In addition, LBRY is a platform that was inspired by Uber and Airbnb. That's because LBRY provides an excellent platform for the young entrepreneurs in order to increase the productivity with minimum resources. 

LBRY helps people who publish content to monetize them in a convenient manner. This is powered by the built-in payment system. It comes along with its own payment system, which is facilitated through a crypto currency named LBRY Credits. When someone publishes something on LBRY, he/she is provided with the ability to set a price to it. People who wants to download or stream that content will have to make a payment. A large percentage of the payment goes directly to the publisher. The remaining amount is sent to the hosting providers who store the uploaded files. Apart from these two parties, nobody else gets a cut out of LBRY. The content publishers can also earn micropayments through LBRY. This flexibility in payment can impress both content publishers as well as people who access them. 

LBRY is designed in such a way so that it can become the first mass market crypto application. A large number of financiers and programmers in today's world prefer to use Bitcoin because of the convenience associated with it. However, people rarely use Bitcoin in their day to day life. LBRY is expected to change that trend. 

People access media content that is published on the internet in their day to day lives. LBRY can help them to make their lives easy. On the other hand, content publishers will be able to earn the right amount of money for the content that they publish on this platform. These benefits can contribute a lot towards the popularity of LBRY in the long run. Therefore, it would soon become the most preferred method among people to publish, share and access content they need.