Umbra - a new, privacy-centered cryptocurrency and messaging platform

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With the advent of cryptocurrencies, privacy has gone to levels we would never have thought of just ten or twenty years ago- but despite all of that, there are still issues with privacy everywhere. You need to tumble and mix coins and make new wallets just to be able to send an 'anonymous' transaction that can possibly be traced right back to its source- why not just have a simple platform where all of that is removed and security is still there? Umbra does just that, and if you're interested in a plaform like it, stick with us. 

Encrypted Messages
Many platforms like Skype all have one major flaw- and that is the fact that the ip of the person you are chatting with can easily be retrieved and used. You don't want a DDOS against you, or malicious things done, right? Umbra makes this easy and secure with seamlessly easy transfers- all you need is the address and a private key from that address, and you are ready to go. All transfers are heavily encrypted, so there is no need for mixing, unlike Bitcoin. Note that you can transfer your funds from a private address to a public address and vice-versa; by using the public address transfers, you're getting slightly better support than with the Bitcoin platform, but private is an entirely different story. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, you can even make open channels and groups with Umbra- similar to Teamspeak or Mumble. You can discuss whatever you wish to discuss on that platform, and everybody has access- it's all transparent. Or if you wish, you can opt for private channels that are invite-only- the possiblities are endless. You can even Direct Message with Umbra- they provide a great messaging system for you to send messages, and as always, it's completely encrypted and constantly being updated for your convenience. 

The Currency
As with all cryptocurrencies, there has to be a main currency being used with transfers- in this case, it's Shadowcash- similar to Monero, Umbra's Shadowcash uses dual-key addresses and ring signatures that automatically 'tumble' coins to make sure transactions are completely private- all with a touch of a button. Like we mentioned before a few sentences ago, Umbra has a private and public account- you can stake easily with the public account balance( note that this is not completely anonymous; for complete secrecy, you may want to use the private account) and send stealthy funds to whoever you wish to send the funds to. And all of it is transferrable with a touch of a button- you won't get stuck coins with Umbra! As such, you will be able to create digital marketplaces with this coin using its anonymous sending features- just like with Monero, we expect this coin will be adopted onto darkweb markets; it's not a guarantee, but it's probably a good choice for those sites since this coin is so private. If you want even more added security, because there's already so many basic features inside of it, you can even further encrypt data to make your account and messages even more uncrackable! With so many features added into it and so many way to use it, Umbra will be a very useful coin in the future, especially for those who like keeping their data intact and uncrackable. More about the Umbra project can be found on: