Monero - secure, private, and untraceable

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Flat currencies are overrated, it will soon to be past. In today's digital age, centralized traditional banking systems are less prune to vulnerabilities. Crypto currency is now considered real money & why not it be? Total net worth of cash in the world is estimated $241 trillion, out of which net worth of internet is $19 trillion.  
Crypto currency

Crypto currency in now considered one of the most secured form of asset in the world. There are around 740 Crypto currencies at present but only 26 out of 740 has market value of more than $10 million.  

Monero is considered one of the top trusted, secure, untraceable & private Crypto currency available today. Founded in April 2014, it has been widely accepted around the world. With market capital of over $169 million, it is currently ranked 4th in the list. With block time of 2min, it uses timestamping of Proof of work (POW) . 
Privacy Features

Now a days as most of Crypto currencies are still somehow traceable, Monero has developed robust system to beat traceability. To provide anonymity to the users, it uses particular protocol of CryptoNote. 

It is one of the advanced Applications layer protocol which makes transactions, amount, sender & receiver identities, source & destination addresses and related credentials literally untraceable through back chains. It should be noted that most of other renowned Crypto currencies are easily traceable through back chains. Main advantage of CryptoNote is that it uses state of the art hash algorithm of CryptoNight. 

CryptoNight is wonderful proof-of-work hash algorithm, which is specially designed to work with general purpose home PC's and Desktops. The crust of its success relies in its simplicity, robustness and minimal processing & memory load, unlike other hash algorithms. It is fully optimized to work with regular processors. 

As world in becoming internet of things, privacy in secure transactions is really a challenge to all development and financial experts. This method is developed by Monero for confidential transactions analogues to bitcoin which uses Confidential Transaction (CT) method instead. 

It is widespread aliasing system based on back chain & is made by Monero developers which makes transactions private. 

Invisible internet project (I2P) is an overlay network specifically designed to make file transfer, messaging, blogging & web surfing privately. In order to implement this network into Monero system, Monero development team has introduced Kovri. 

To make voting system secret, URS is designed which uses ring signature topology, the best available today. 

Clients can now connect with Monero daemon service through 0MQ. Which is a C API (Application Protocol Interface). 

With all above exciting & kind of its own feature's developments has made Monero a champion in digital asset management. Monero has some of the best known development teams. They are constantly working to make Monero truly reliable Crypto currency. Each of the above features are constantly updated regularly. Each of bugs & issues are instantly resolved and updated.  

Monero is just 3 years old but it has evolved rapidly and had strong customer base which is progressing day by day. 

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