Edgeless Casino

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Online gambling was valued more than $40 billion in 2016. However, when you engage in online betting you have two main problems: Transparency and Price. There are unfriendly users rules, all players have to wait for payouts and gamble with more than 5% house edge. What is maybe most important is that players don't know what is going on inside the servers and how everything function and work. So that means that it could be rigged. Users must rely on the casino because cooperation is the only way to keep the customers happy and satisfied. 2008 was a great year for online gambling because Bitcoin casinos solved the gambling price problem. 

They offered instant money transaction with anonymity and small house edge. Crypto currency gambling has grown by 37% from 2015 and it has become the main choice for many online gamblers. But still, it has not solved the problem of transparency. The edgeless casino is the solution for your problems because it is the first casino with 0% edge with full transparency and possibility to increase your market shares in order to become a sustainable business. Edgeless betting is a form of gambling that uses 0% of house edge equation as a playing principle. 

How to make a profit by using Edgeless Casino?

There are several different ways to make Edgeless Casino profitable business. First, it provides you with games that depend on a combination of luck and skill and most important, sports betting. 

The difference between Edgeless and traditional casino:
• 0% house edge — Games are based on skill and luck, if you play perfect, you can have 0% edge gambling service. However, if you make the mistake that could give you a disadvantage.
• Instant and free money withdrawals — If you transfer your tokens to provide an instant money deposit or withdrawal you don't have to wait anymore for two days, everything happens instantly.
• Full transparency — It is based on number generator in Ethereum Smart Contact that is completely public. Everyone can see everything that is happening inside the servers.
• No registrations/logins for casino users and 100% anonymity — Wallets are anonymous and there are no any registrations because edgeless casinos protect your anonymity

Phases of Edgeless Casino Project:

1. In the first phase, you can engage in decentralized price pool with more than 40% of casinos profits. You have a chance to win EDG tokens, and to relocate your investments into a bankroll in order to pay out wins for the first wave.
2. The second phase is important because funds must be allocated into a prevention Edgeless Casino's bankroll in order to pay out larger wins. If the bankroll is increased, then the wager is bigger, too.
3. In the third phase, we can expect a development of a new game that is based on luck and skill, similar to black Jack and the game with micro limit dice.
4. In fourth, it is important to engage in sports betting scale that could provide you additional funds that could compensate your investment in order to stay competitive.
5. The Grand Vision is a platform where you can easily develop your own casinos in order to make an impact on casino industry all around the world.

TheCrowdsale begins on February 28th at 3 pm GMT and in the first week you can expect for 1 ETH 1100 EDG, in second 1050 EDG and in the thirds one for 1000 EDG. 
US citizens are not legally allowed to participate in Edgeless Project crowdsale