The latest advancement of I/O Digital Currency: DIONS

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IOC can be recognized as a digital currency. Even though it is a digital currency, it is still a real world value. The value is based on the most latest trades on digital exchanges. IOC is always looking for new advancements for their system. DIONS is currently the latest advancement to help with the IOC coin. This stands for decentralized input output name system. This system can be seen as an specific advancement to Bitcoin. This new software permits identity storage, avatar formation, and encrypted document storage capabilities that are interchangeable between users. DIONS allows the users to store the delicate identity credentials. This can secure a way for users to take over their reputation and manage their data. 

DIONS also empowers the formation of arbitrary values. These appearances are hard coded into a user friendly wallet system. With DIONS, stage names are effortless to remember and also fully interchangeable between users. DIONS added a new system of messaging that they fully support. Builders will also be able to innovate by API by constructing decentralized applications. 

DIONS can also take any arbitrary form and be interchangeable between users. DIONS can allow confidential creation of aliases and identity form. When you decide to create an alias, you will be provided with with an added layer of privacy at the time. Even if you have a public or private name, you can make transactions either way. Connecting an exclusive ID with their brand name, the coin payments will be highly profitable to individuals. Businesses can now use ID's to serve as their customer's reference or invoice numbers. This also can help the businesses benefit from enormous fees. It will also be an easy auditability distributed database. Lastly, DIONS will come along with a Skype-like end to end decentralized chat with an encryption.