Blackcoin Announces Imminent Launch of 'Blackcoin Lore'

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Blackcoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency or digital currency which has a distributed and decentralised public ledger, which unlike traditional banks can be viewed and audited easily by anyone. In Blackcoin anyone can open an account just by downloading the software and this bank cannot be shutdown and has no owners. It is the first coin to have working smart contracts. Accounts can't be frozen in Blackcoin and it's completely anonymous, free of cost and a lot more secure than what traditional banking is. Blackcoin is the first coin to go fully proof of stake and is the future of what is called banking. 

Blackcoin Lore

Blackcoin Lore is the new update which has incorporated Blackcoin's own open source code development with the technology of Bitcoin core version 0.12 which has made Blackcoin Lore to be the first proof of stake (POS) cryptocurrency to have had implemented technology as such as that. One of the crucial historic reasons for the use of Blackcoin is it's fast verification speed and transfer speeds, but these speeds have seen an improvisation with the advent of Lore which has led to the reduction of the verification time by about 50 percent and is upto a maximum of five times faster than the version previously present under certain conditions. Lately the wallet synchronization time had puffed from several hours to upto a day or more but this update has now addressed the inconvenience by greatly improving user adoption. Advancements in the grounds of security, stability and also in the removal of things such as the bugs are present in theupdate. POS 2.0, which was previously present at the core of Blackcoin's technology has completely been reconstructed and renovated and has been replaced by Blackcoin POS. Blackcoin Lore has made Blackcoin the first POS Cryptocurrency to adopt Bitcoin core 0.12. 

Blackcoin, the KING of POS

Projects like Stratis en QTUM which are an open source community which has the aim to develop a system of blockchain have collected a lot of funds. The decentralised platform has raised $12.25 billion during the initial eighteen hours of it's initial funding round or ICO. It is an open source project which has been based on a blockchain platform which allows execution of smart contracts. One of it's foundational goal is to promote and to facilitate access through mobile to the blockchain technology which is known as the "Go Mobile" strategy. This developmental project has decided to depend or rely upon Blackcoin for it's development, core formation and operation. It is made upon the Bitcoin 0.13 and plans to have Blackcoin's POS 3.0 consensus model incorporated. Post testing multiple POS consensus model, decision to take up Blackcoin POS 3.0 for integration into the Bitcoin Core 0.12 is taken because Blackcoin's POS 3.0 is sophisticated and clear explanations aren't present in the code which describes the sections which associate with the others. The code has been distributed into many numbers of files and the challenge is to identify markers which allowed qtum developers to have tagged the portions which could be ported. This has attracted it to base itself on the platform of Blackcoin.