LUNYR - The Encyclopedia of the Future

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If you need any kind of reliable information, without spending a cent the best option is certainly Lunyr
Lunyr Project, also pronounced "Lunar Project" is an innovative "decentralized crowdsourced encyclopedia". The aim of the project is to build a reliable and decentralized encyclopedia with information reviewed by experts through peer to peer technology. It will not only be used by people around the world, but also by developers, in fact there will be an API that can be utilized as the foundation for new applications. 

Why choose Lunyr?

The information will be provided by users, who get rewarded with "Lunyr Tokens" or LUN, that can be used to put advertisements on the platform.The quality and reliability of the information is guaranteed by the innovative peer reviews system and to ensure that every submitted information is reviewed by qualified users they use machine leaning to mach reviewers with topics with which they will likely be familiar. The review system is very strictly, so every fake, malicious or inappropriate content will be instantly rejected. 

Who can use it?

The contributed content are of public knowledge and can be accessed, redistributed, and edited by anyone for free. Anyone can create or edit an article, if it will pass the review the user can claim HNR and LUN tokens from smart contracts. He can use HNR to resolve quality issues or disputes and LUN to put advertisements.The future of the project.The long-term vision of the project is to develop a knowledge base API that developers can use to create new applications in virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and more. 

The Lunyr Project

How can you contribute?

They are launching a crowdsale on March 29 at 16:00 UTC, it will be capped at 550,000 Ether. During the crowdsale it will be possible to buy LUN simply sending Ether to the token contract. More information can be found on the crowdsale page. 

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